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Industry Focal Point

Our pioneering immersion technology and digital expertise empowers us to approach and serve various industries. These innovative technologies have the potential to increase customer engagement and experience, providing customer loyalty through optimized simulation.

  • Automobile Industry

  • Educational Industry

  • Hospitality & Travel

  • Entertainment & Media

  • Real Estate

  • Retail


Sales & Marketing

Augmented Reality Experiencing various aspects of vehicles.
Virtual Reality
Experiencing the drive of the vehicle without leaving the showroom. The customer feels as though they are actually driving the vehicle.

Maintenance & Repair

Augmented Reality

Used to train and guide technicians on repairing and servicing vehicles


Augmented Reality

Training, support, and servicing in the manufacturing process.


Unique Value

Augmented- and Virtual Reality significantly increases research and development, maintenance, manufacturing, sales, and support - and has the potential to grow your business while reducing costs.

Enhanced Experiences

Great customer experience inevitably leads to more interest and sales. Users can interact with vehicles, which can set you aside from larger markets and industries.


These enhancement tools can assist drivers through a heads-up display, enabling them to view speed, GPS routes, and more - free from distraction.


Active Learning

Students have the opportunity to learn in a multi-media environment through smart devices and methods which replace textbooks. This also allows for a more interactive approach to learning as opposed to two-dimensional textbooks.

Safe Learning

Virtual Reality creates a safer learning environment as opposed to exposure to dangerous locations or situations pertaining to the specific topic.



Changing the method of learning to effective gamification and live demonstration through Augmented Reality on smart devices.

Different Perspective

A variety of subjects that define overall learning are taught through Augmented Reality. This provides a different perspective and adds more value.

Promotes an Entertaining Learning Experience

Student attention is easily focused on entertaining methods. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality promote better overall focus and attention.


Sales & Marketing

Guests experience their prospective rooms and are able to make more informed decisions on their chosen accommodation type. This encourages sales, seeing as people can picture themselves at the destination.


Guided tours are promoted, which can show potential travelers all the points of attraction. Tourists get to experience these events beforehand, and are able to make informed decisions on their destination through Augmented Reality.


Effortless Selection

Locations, accommodation types, and amenities make the selection process easier, as travelers know what to expect beforehand.

Prospective Knowledge

Local and international travelers obtain information about destinations, activities, and experiences - increasing footfall revenue.

Customer Experience

Establishments enhance customer experiences through Augmented Reality, which ultimately increases footfall and revenue.



Virtual Reality has significantly enhanced the gaming experience. Users now have the opportunity to interact within their games and experience a Virtual Reality.

Marketing & Promotion

Virtual Reality can be used for immersive films and television experiences, which ultimately increases revenue in the respective industries. Advertisers can use Virtual and Augmented Reality to promote immersion and customer engagement.


Enhances Advertising Methods

Internet-based advertising is a cost-effective method with high conversion rates.

Customer Engagement & Experience

Prospective clients get to experience and test the product or service before opting in.

Interaction & Immersion

Immersive films, television content, and other audiovisual material enables longer interaction time and, ultimately, promotes advertising and subscription revenue.



Showing property through Virtual and/or Augmented Reality.


Enhanced Experience

Prospective clients get to experience the showcased property before purchasing, which enhances the decision-making process.


Personalize the property to suit the potential buyer’s own style and vision.

Location Range

Potential buyers don’t have to travel to viewings. This extends the range of sales with regards to geography.


Try-Before-But Effect

Entice customers through virtual changing rooms, app-based tryouts, and social media integration.

Navigation Assist

Augmented Reality enables mall maps, directions, and store information, which increases mall navigation and, ultimately, enhances the shopping experience.

Ease of Location

Potential customers can easily view and find products before entering the store with Beacon technology.



Customers are offered versatility through virtual engagement, direct walk-ins, and immediate sales.

Less Resources Required

Less shelf space required, convenient and effective training, and faster customer responses with minimal resources required.

Interactive Shopping

Lower marketing costs with virtual tools to increase interactivity from clients, which ultimately increases sales and revenue.


Inside the 10th Dimensions

10th Dimensions is dedicated to providing enhanced digital solutions to a vast range of industries at highly competitive pricing. We are laser-focused on the quality of our services and solutions to provide you with optimized technological innovations that grow your business and revolutionize your industry.

Interaction and Engagement

Enhancing communications through connective applications.

  • Holo-Presence
  • Visual Sharing
  • Visual Interacting
  • Remote Scribing
  • Social Interaction
  • Field Services

Informative Tool

Supporting knowledgeable experiences and tasks through immersion

  • Medicine & Paramedical
  • Manuals & Guides
  • Design & Architecture
  • Field Service
  • Analytics & Large Data


Education, learning, and skill development enhancements.

  • Trainings
  • Safety Compliances
  • Certification
  • Gaming
  • 3D Simulations


Enhances experience pertaining to places of interest, shopping, and geography.

  • Immersive Flexibility
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Augmented Catalogs
  • Augmented Shopping
  • Events & Conferences
  • In-Store Enhanced Experiences

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